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“A raindrop on its own forms barely even a puddle. It is a thing of beauty to the perceptive eye when seen in the pure light. But many raindrops create storms, rivers, oceans and ultimately the very source of life upon which every creature depends. Vasantha may have felt like a raindrop all her life, but together with all the others in God’s family, She became a part of God’s great river of life bringing hope to a dead world”. Be amazed by an incredible story of Vasantha’s pursuit for Life, Meaning and ultimate hope through the unrelenting Love of Jesus Christ.

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She was a bright MBA student at the one of the most prestigious business school in India. But when the pressure and demands of her studies start to grow, she turned to her favorite Hindu God, expecting God to help her. But when she found no answer back, she was confused and more desperate for God that communicates. She found the True and Loving God through one of the most powerful experiences of her life. This video testimony describes Preeti Krishnan’s journey to find God that communicates.

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Sadhu Chellappa is an avid writer, Christian evengelist from South India who has written 28 books in Tamil and English language. He has mastered the knowledge of the Vedas (Ancient text of Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit language) and the other Hindu scriptures. He teaches about a connecting link between Vedas and Jesus Christ.

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