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Sadhu Chellappa: Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

sadhu chellappa testimony Sadhu Chellappa: Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas

Sadhu Chellappa is an avid writer, Christian evengelist from South India who has written 28 books in Tamil and English language. He has mastered the knowledge of the Vedas (Ancient text of Hindu scriptures in Sanskrit language) and the other Hindu scriptures. He teaches about a connecting link between Vedas and Jesus Christ.

His Life story:

Sadhu Chellapa came from a very religious family from Tamilnadu, India. He recalls his grandfather being a conservative religious person but his father being a little lenient. When he was at a very young, 1st World war was going on. The times were very difficult and his family was in search for a better livelihood. It was also the time of British Raj in India. Hindu caste system was very prevalent. The lower caste people were inhumanely treated by the Brahmins and the upper class people. While at the same time, the British did not discriminate between the high and the low caste and they welcomed anyone who would be ready to serve them. So his father who was well educated and respected in the society decided to embrace Christianity for the quality of life for himself and his family. By doing so, he also could please the ruling British empire.

His father was working with a Missionary who was from Britain. Everything went well until his father demanded a salary raise. In response to that, he lost his job. The family was stranded. They had nowhere to go. Even everyday food for the family became a challenge. One day, young Chellappa went to the temple to eat the food which was offered to the idols; he liked the temple and especially food. So every day, he would go to the temple to eat and while eating he would listen carefully to the shlokas recited by the priest of the temple. Soon he memorized many of the shlokas by heart. One day the priest saw and heard him reciting the same shlokas and was very impressed. He asked the young boy to come and help him in the duties of the temple. He readily accepted because that meant more food during the day and no starvation. Slowly people noticed him at the temple reciting shlokas and were very impressed. His fame grew and people also offered him gifts and food.

One day, he realized while reciting the Shlokas about a legend “Prajapati” (the lord of the people) which is mentioned in the Vedas. This historic figure was supposed to take the sins of the world and die for it. He also had to remain sinless and a wild thorny creeper on his head. He was to die for the sins of the world and resurrect. Sadhu Chellapa was really interested in this deity “Prajapathi” who is mentioned in Rig Veda as a “silent sufferer”. So he started searching for him. He asked many questions to other priests and Brahmans in the temples. He was determined to search out his Prajapathi. But he did not find any satisfactory answers. He was only 19 years old at that time and felt very disillusioned. So he thought to himself may be there is no God and everything is purposeless.

During this time, he met another atheist who had a long conversation with him that there is a god, but the world has many names to this god. People say there is a Christian god, a Muslim god, a Jewish god and thousands of Hindu gods, So it is better to believe there is no god. It makes more sense to just ignore God!

Some time went by, and his parents wanted him to get married. One of his Uncles insisted that he would marry a good Christian girl. He did not know why he believed that, but he agreed to it. So he married and had children. Life went on but he was not at peace, he started smoking, drinking and also went under a huge debt. Due to his ill habits of smoking, he suffered from TB. There was no proper cure in those days so he suffered a lot. On top of this he always had guilt in himself that he is neither a good husband to his wife or a good father to his children. Day by day the guilt of family, disillusionment from god and the tensions of debt led him to depression.

One day he was travelling in the train with all the problems and worries of his life and he thought of a way to escape from it. He decided to commit suicide. He went to the door of the gushing train to throw himself down. Right at that moment he heard a mysterious voice saying, “He that conceals his sin will never prosper.” This verse struck him to his core. He felt why he heard something like this? What was the purpose? Was there a message for him? As soon as the train stopped he got down and he saw a huge Christian gathering in an open place. He started walking towards it, thinking that Jesus Christ is a Christian and foreign god of the West. But he felt compelled to go there. In the meeting he heard the pastor speak about sin which he understood very well from his knowledge of Vedas. But then, the pastor said that only Jesus Christ, who is born of the virgin can take away the sins of world, for He alone is sinless and he is the atoning sacrifice on behalf of all the people. Sadhu Chellapa recalled that about “Prajapathi”, written in the Vedas too. He could not believe the exact connection. That night the pastor invited the congregation to come forward and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. He ran in front, prayed and accepted Jesus into his heart. Since that day he started sharing his testimony and preaching the Word of God in all the places.

You can read more about him, his mission, and his audio and video preaching on his website His testimony is published in a leading British magazine “The Edge”. You can also listen to 10 part testimony here on youtube where he talks in detail about the Vedas and its fascinating yet much ignored passages which may point to Jesus Christ. (The videos are set into playlist, so you can continually watch all parts without any more clicks.)

Video testimony of Sadhu Chellappa



Dear Sir, may I know the CHRISTIAN culture like HINDU’s

posted by Shyam on 10.23.10 at 1:28 am

The editorial in this website needs editing. There are major errors in writing. The stories, however, are very good.
If you need my professional assistance for editing short stories like the ones on this website, I offer them gratis for ministry purposes only.
Rev John Moses (South Africa)

posted by john on 11.15.10 at 11:34 am

It is a good to hear and witness through one’s testemony the experiencxe one undergone in knowning the truth. May GOD strenghthen them in the days to come for the benefit of of those yearning to know the truth.

posted by Ashok Kumar k on 12.11.10 at 7:36 am

thanks sadu chellappa I have learned so much from you.from internt.I am truly thankful to our lord JESUS CHRIST for sadu chellappa,you are a courageous man and full of knowledge and wisdom. I would never have known all that I have learned in the last 4 or 5 mouths of knowing you GOD BLESS YOU †

posted by prakesh on 01.20.11 at 4:01 pm

So Great……….. I am very happy and thank god to show me this good witness.
I too engaged in preaching and it will be useful.
Try to reach more.
May Jesus be with you……..

posted by arockia raj on 02.28.11 at 10:00 am

“The Story of Swami Vivekananda copied here… Thanks Chellappa, for copying swami Vivekananda’s story on your way for converting poor people.

posted by vinu on 03.14.11 at 6:51 am

Is it possible all the vedios of Sadhu Chellappa Testimony incd or dvd..if so please send the details…i was very inspired about your testimony about jesus christ in vedas…buety is not word..great to understand about the truth..great job


posted by Mahesh on 05.27.11 at 4:21 pm

How can I get a copy of “Is Christianity Necessary?” I read it years ago and enjoyed it. HOWEVER, you need an editor fluent in English to help you with your next edition. Too many spelling, puncuation and grammatical errors which get in the way of the excellent message. Namaste.

posted by Faithful Christian on 06.17.11 at 2:29 pm

“The lower caste people were inhumanely treated by the Brahmins and the upper class people” – still your father managed to get good ducation!!
“One day the priest saw and heard him reciting the same shlokas and was very impressed” – was this priest not Brahmin who treats you badly??
“the British did not discriminate between the high and the low caste ” – but they throw your father out of job when he demanded for proper salary!!
Prajapathi – is someone who is supposed to do Srishti karma – like Dhaksha Prajapathi,- not to lead peopel and remove sin from people, C’mmon Vedas are not written by any foolish church man . If Jesus is prajapathi, where is his wife and kids?

Cooked up story which is full of contradictions…. Dont you have shame to fool people like this!!!!!!!

posted by Akshatha on 06.22.11 at 6:48 am

please send me the script and the quotation from the veda that you have spoken about and so well put.

posted by Alan Dsouza on 07.23.11 at 12:17 pm

Greetings in the greacious name of jesus christ,
Dear everyone i am rajesh this is a true history not a story,if i see my life and the my forefathers they all lived without truth,caste system,ok let me come to the point i have a yonger brother he diognesed as blood cancer,so i thought to go to the temple and pray for him there the priest had asked me to get 100 1 rupee coins,to do pooja for my bro,i took be spleed all the mantras by taking every coin one by one ,ley me ask a q the image on the coin is government,how can that heal my bro,what a trick? indians think when you go to school you under stand what the teacher teaches,why you cant under stand the mantras when you go to the temple,?because the prist himself dosent understand what he is saying?awake indians time to rise ,and walk in the way of truth ,jesus said i am the way the truth and the life.AMEN

posted by rajesh kumar -blore on 07.29.11 at 4:39 am

I always wanted to find someone who could let me know that the upnishad and ancient writings of veda which talks about the ” silent sufferer” of Isaiah 53 . Yes God has placed light among the heathens but the advesory of the soul has twisted nso badly that hman begaznto worship rather the lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world.

posted by Manick Kisku on 08.11.11 at 3:22 pm

After all Swami Vivekanda is a creation of the Almighty Creator. Thanks for the comment, for “blessed are the poor(lowly), for they will inherit the kingdom”- Matthew 5:5
The above sermon by Christ on the mount touched the heart of the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, which lead him to use non violence to free our nation.

posted by Andrew on 09.15.11 at 7:01 pm

This is truly an inspirational testimony. This testimony gives the confidence that Jesus is still alive. Hope This would change the life of many around the world. Glory be to Jesus.

posted by James Samuel on 09.22.11 at 12:57 am

why my email dt 7.10.2011 is not yet published. Why is it still in moderation? shakthi

posted by shakthi on 09.28.11 at 11:20 am

Dear Akshatha.I’m really surprised to see your remarks. I did not understand what made you so much angry watching this program.Do you mean to say the lower castes are not illtreated by the upper castes? The Brahmin Priest called him and gave him double portion of prasadham for taking his help.He never said that all Brahmins are bad.The British never cared for low caste or High caste.Yes and I dont find anything wrong in his statement.That Britisher would have done the same thing even if a high caste person worked under him and demanded a raise in his salary.He never claimed that some christian man wrote the vedas.He only translated and explained what the sanskrit vedas are, reciting them in sanskrit fluently.If you think the prajapati he talked about is wrong and you have better evidence from the vedas please let people know.I feel it woud be the right approach.everybody would be enlightened and your efforts would be appreciated. thank You.

posted by David Gulla on 10.20.11 at 10:26 pm

Thanks Sadu Chellappa I have learned so much about our God from this message. I am very happy to see it from internet because I was searching for some facts about Jesus Christ in Vedas. I am truly thankful to our lord JESUS CHRIST for you. I wish you good luck in your spiritual career and GOD BLESS YOU.

posted by Rajkumar on 11.28.11 at 10:40 am

dear readers who have commented on the language part of the story, its clear that you have understood the gist of the saints story you needn’t worry about the editing part of it.

posted by shalini on 12.19.11 at 3:02 pm

sent testimonies this in hindi

posted by glory on 01.05.12 at 11:22 am

sent this testimonies in hindi version

posted by glory on 01.05.12 at 11:23 am

Thanks to mr Sadhu cellappa for giving this wonderful message, bcus for so many years we our forefathers prayed god with this mantras without knowing meaning, and we also followed the same so mr cellappas testimony has shaked me and made me to know about lord Jesus who is an living and comeing god. I will be one among u to meet him when Jesus comes in sky with glory

posted by prabhu on 01.09.12 at 6:44 pm

GOD,whether we call him as a power,shakthi etc,created heaven and earth i,e the entire universe(includes all of us) we term as GOD.we all are bound to praise,worship and adore him as our creator,as our heavenly father.unfortunately in the passage of time,many gods and goddesses were created by creatures(us).Instead worshipping the creator,many are worshipping the nature or the creatures as did by our fore fathers.It is good to worship the creator rather than to argue who is god among the greatest personalities lived on the earth. “YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART,AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL,WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH,AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND,AND YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF.

posted by K.P.RAO on 01.17.12 at 3:59 am

Dear friends,

Jesus is a true living God. My mother was a hindu.
She wanted to commit suicide, with two small babies.

She heard a voice from God, while doing so.
“I will never leave you nor forsake you”
I have graven you in the palms of my hands

My mother is still alive. We christians are not creating any stories to fool people.

The Lord wants everyone to come to him. He desires that none of us will perish.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whoso ever believeth in him, should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.

Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me.
John 14:1

posted by Kumar Edward on 01.19.12 at 3:26 am


posted by Arunkumar on 03.06.12 at 3:05 pm

please give me the poems about the Jesus in the Vedas.

posted by durgarao on 03.07.12 at 5:42 am


posted by Lav kumar GoHill on 04.25.12 at 7:41 pm

Dear Sister Akshatha,
When you seek the truth you need to know what the bible says about Prajapathy (Brahmha Putra) Son of God for the following are the words by Jesus Himself.
So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:30
May God bless you and reveal the truth to you!

posted by Andrew on 05.07.12 at 10:56 pm

How can i buy your english books

posted by Joshy peter on 06.03.12 at 10:14 am

Dear Sir,
I’m a new believer how I was hoping if your able to please provide me a the verses and chapters where I can find Jesus in Rig Veda? It would be a great help to me faith…

Much appreciated.

posted by Forrester on 07.17.12 at 12:03 pm

Hi Friends,
Everyone over a period of time learns new things, even Christian scholars were angry when scientists said that the Earth was not the center of the solar system. But we slowly mellowed down over the years to understand the real truth. Similarly, Christ was quoted in all religious texts, including the Vedas. We might refuse them now, reality will strike you in the face, be prepared. Never tell on your doomsday that nobody informed you about Christ. We as Christians are expected to spread the Good news. That is Christ is a living God who will come again and prove wrong of all those who criticise HIM. It depends on you people to decide whether you want to take my advice right now or will like to have real proof on that day. My job is over. I pray to Almighty God to open their blinded eyes right now and to reveal HIMSELF. Let them who can see , read this.AMEN

posted by Human on 10.12.12 at 9:24 am

Why don’t Priests allow Hindus to read their Holy Books? It is because they will finally get to understand the true GOD. Most Hindus do not have a copy of their sacred religious text !!! You can now start recollecting how many of your close Hindu friends have a copy of the Vedas at home. Understanding the Vedas will help one understand the true GOD. A standing testimony is given by one Mr.Titus Thayappan who himself was a sincere Hindu, who can quote all the Vedas by heart. By the By, the Isha Yoga centre is running around without knowing who the real Isha is? Any clarifications regarding HIM (Isa)can be found in the Quran. Isa is Isha is Eesan, a name given for GOD in ancient Tamil Literature. The truth will set you free!

posted by Human on 10.12.12 at 9:35 am

Dear All,

I’m very impressed with our dear Sadhu Chellappa’s word citing that God never created religion. We human beings created religion and division. My humble suggestion is reach out to our good God in your own mother toungue/ the language you are comfortable with, talk to him just like you are talking to your own father & mother he will clarify your doubts. Let us not carry the tags Hindus, Christain, Muslim etc or low caste, high caste or rich/ poor or healthy or sick.

Our good God will help us to understand the truth.

Having said all, we have still not learnt the lesson to be united even after living under foreign rulers for centuries. After fighting tough battle for independence. We still not leart to live in peace. We discrimate ourselves in the name religion, caste, race etc and make out daily life misarable.

God is not so small to live in tiny pockets such as religion, caste etc he created this universe and he existed in different form. So reading bible, veda, Kuran and other sacrate book will give elimentry knowledge about God. But the true and complete knowledge can be extracted only you finding time and talk to God directly in your own language. you may take help of bible, veda, kuran and other books but your relationship with God throw simple pray and contant dialogue and good deed will releave the truth.

I very strongly belive in Jesus christ’s teachings & Mother Mary’s intercession not by reading only the books. but by bulding intimate relationship throw prayer.

God is availabe to reach out him 24/7 let us reach out him for the truth. my dear Sadhu Chellappa the way you reached out to God is inspiring. Thanks for share your story..

posted by Raj Munuswamy on 01.05.13 at 8:37 pm

plese sent in malayalm testimony,

posted by athira on 02.10.13 at 8:08 am

“prise the loard”

posted by athira on 02.10.13 at 8:10 am

plese sent the jesus in part of rig- veda ,i dont know the importents of jesus in vedas

posted by athira on 02.10.13 at 8:13 am

[...] Sadhu Chellappa: Finding Jesus Christ from Vedas Sadhu Chellappa is an avid writer, Christian evengelist from South India who has written 28 books in Tamil and English … [...]


posted by JOE JOSEPH on 05.07.13 at 10:57 am

good to know & want to know more

posted by Raymond on 11.08.13 at 6:36 am

Praise The Lord ,I m very happy to read ur testimony ,its help me more preaching The Gospel among the unreached peapole ,I was before a Priest,I did many in 25years,ending time I was too much discouraged from my priest work,I got bad spirit everywhere I was failled,after that I wanted to suciede but same day I goted a book Christ in Vedas so I wanted to proof that was wrong 13 days I observed all vedas and upanisad And I gotted Christ is the ONLY ONE SAVIOUR FROM SIN. So I following Christ now I m royal priest.Jesus loves You.

posted by chandra on 11.11.13 at 5:21 pm

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