Testimony of Hindu Friend from India

I came from a Hindu background. In this article, I will try to bring a conclusion on what is my primary motive to follow Jesus Christ.

The first movie that I saw in USA, in theaters, was “The Passion of Christ”. I remember seeing it in the Winter/Spring of 2004. I went to the movie not knowing what to expect because I did not know much about Jesus that time. A good friend of mine took me to the movie, and told me that the movie was about the final ten hours of the life of Jesus Christ.

There was a scene that specially caught my attention: Jesus was arrested and brought before the high priests. Many Jews gave false witnesses and condemned Jesus. They slapped him, spit on him, insulted him. Then one of the high priests came forward and asked Jesus “Tell us. Are you the messiah, the Son of the Living God?”. Jesus said “Yes, I AM. You will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven” !!!!!!!!

I did not know how to whistle. Otherwise, I would be whistling. My mind was blown away! Here was a man, who was being punished and still confessed the truth.

Next, they brought Jesus to Pilate, who was a ruler. Pilate asked Jesus “Do you know that I have the power to release you?”. Then Jesus answered “You have no power over me unless it is given to you from above” !!!

The movie “Passion of Christ” had put one of the seeds in my heart, to find the truth. Later, when I had the opportunity to know more about Jesus by reading the book “More than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell, I liked him more. But, the more I liked him, the more I resisted him also. Soon, I understood that he was making more demands. The problem that I had with Jesus was he wanted us to put him in the first place!

Below are some scriptures about his demands:

“If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters—yes, even his own life—he cannot be my disciple. 27And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.” – Luke 14:25

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” – Matthew 10:39

Many people get discouraged by the above demands. But Jesus claimed that he came to save us.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10

It was a long journey for me to come to Christ, from Hindu background. Sometimes the experiences were painful and disturbing, seeing demands like the above ones. Hinduism was a very old religion and came much before Christianity. It has many fascinating philosophies and scriptures. But why did we still choose Christ? Because there is no Savior in any other religion who claimed to bear the sins of whole world upon his shoulders and died for the mankind, like Jesus did. Jesus claimed that He died for us, including you and me. The greatest sacrifice that one can do to others is laying down one’s life for others and our Lord Jesus did for us. Even while hanging on his dying cross, he said “Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. Such a magnificent love he lavished on humans.

Besides his death, there are many pieces in the puzzle that influenced me to come to conclusion that he is “the way” to God, as what he claimed. Some of them include his perfect righteousness, his teachings about mercy and forgiveness, his extraordinary claims, his resurrection, his miracles that are happening even now, sources outside the Bible that talk about his miracles, early Christian church history, and authenticity of New Testament documents.

I am happy now that I accepted Christ and found the truth. There is no joy that equals working for Him and His Kingdom. If you are not from a Christian background, will you open your heart to my Lord? It is not about whether you are right or I am right, but about what is right. Will you please pray this humble prayer?

“Lord Jesus, who are you? I hear a lot about you. I want to know who you truly are. Please reveal yourself to me.”

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  1. Jessie
    October 22, 2010

    Hi bro/sis…. I am overwhelmed to read your testimony….I happened to read it accidentally…Donno why tears rolled my eyes as I was reading it..I prasie God for saving you … I can understand the way satan tries to entice the new converts from other religion…May God establish you and keep you.May His light shine upon you till you fulfill His purpose for you on this earth….

  2. A. S. Matehw
    August 4, 2013

    Very touching-inspiring and genuine testimony, praise the Lord.
    The movie “passion of Christ” was shown in the Arab countries like
    Saudi Arabia-Egypt-Kuwait-U.A.E. and those countries did it with an ulterior intention to throw mud at the Jewish people as cruel people, but the Holy Spirit did one of the most surprising miracle. In Egypt and other Muslim countries, millions of the Islam followers had the real exposure to the gospel of Christ. The only one person mentioned in Koran of virgin birth, the only one person with the holy Spirit is JESUS CHRIST. The day is approaching that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS is the LIVING GOD, and HE IS THE ONLY HOPE OF THE WORLD.

  3. Shana
    August 22, 2014

    As the above testimony is graceful.praise the lord.and here by i wanted to explain that luke 14:25 was said by jesus to pharisees and saducees not for us.and the next phrase luke 15 says about us and the love of jesus is explained.

  4. Shana
    August 22, 2014

    And u know i too used to have this but our pastor has removed confusion by the grace of lord. God never said to leave the family of course like we can see in luke 8:38,39.but be a great testimony.
    Thank u.praise the lord and there is a secret about jesus second comming in psalms 110. It is written 6 times in bible.and if u want to know more u can more in jcnm website.so this is the revelation to our pastor.so pray for this mighty vision of keeping every enemy under the feet of church.

  5. joseph surya
    November 16, 2015

    I am encouraged by these testimonies pls help me to be know about such new testimony

    January 19, 2016

    Iam a Hindu and not yet baptized but 2 years before i accepted JESUS as my LORD and SAVIOUR and for this 2 years i stopped worshipping the HINDU IDOL GODS,but for the past 3 days iam getting disturbances and feel like worshipping the HINDU IDOL GODS again,pray for me please,and tell me what JESUS tells about me Amen. Iam confused please pray for me and help me.I need clear mind and peace of mind,peace in family and mainly i need a JOB,please pray for everything and reply me please. Amen

    • TP
      September 20, 2016

      May God in his great mercy, hear your prayers and grant you peace.
      May the Lord Jesus Christ be within you to preserve you,
      Before you to Guide you,
      After you to Guard you,
      Above you to Bless you,
      And may the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit preserve you from all danger and sin. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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